2014-2015 Player Registration

Registration for the 2014/2015 season is now open.

Registration Instructions:

      Please print these instructions and use as a checklist.     

Click here to register with California Youth Soccer Association.     

If you have an existing user name and password please enter it. If the player played with the Eagles prior they are considered a Returning Player. If they played for any other club they are considered a New player. You should enter or update all information for player and parents. Two copies of the registration form will print. Please sign each copy.
     Critical information:

  1. The players name must be entered EXACTLY as it appears on their birth certificate, regardless of what they may be called or may use as a nickname. This is a National Youth Soccer Rule. Please also carefully enter their birth date. Please make sure that you provide all of the following documents to your team manager.
  2. Registration Form – 2 copies completed with signature.
  3. Birth Certificate – Original and two copies if they are a new player to Eagles SC. If they are an existing player with Eagles SC, please provide 2 copies, no original needed.
  4. Picture uploaded.
  5. Payment – Check (s) if opting for payment plan, or credit card receipt (it will automatically print 2 copies) One for us, one for you. No player can be registered without payment.
  6. Volunteer “OPT OUT” form; include a separate check in the amount of $250.00 due to Eagles SC if you are “OPTING OUT".
  7. Signed participation agreement sheet. (It will print, please sign and turn in).

Thank you for you cooperation in this very detailed procedure. Have a great soccer season!