Boys U11 - Silver Elite North

Left to right: (Bottom row) Joe Needham, Dylan Hayse, Bryan Chang, Isaac Bautista. (Top row) Coach Bryan Monka, David Kamassah, Robert Jaramillo, Andres Nedilskyj, and Noah McGee. (Not pictured) Jorge Montiel, Diego Ocampo, and Jaden Armetta.
Eagles Boys U9, under Coach Bryan Monka, had an amazing season. Their hard work, determination, and commitment to excellence brought them a 10-1 record, scoring a total of 67 goals in the season and allowing only 16. They made the Eagles family proud, bringing home FIRST place in their first season together!

Eagles BU9 ChampsSeptember 1-3, Eagles BU9 dominated the Simi Valley Labor Day Invitational, capturing the championship once more after two shutouts and a total of four strong wins. The boys faced a familiar and capable opponent, Real So Cal, in the Semifinals, and took first place! The Eagles scored a total of 24 goals throughout their four games, securing their victory and showing excellent teamwork and camaraderie!

The Camarillo Boys U9 Eagles Club Soccer team won the 2012 Santa Barbara Summer Cup the weekend of 8/18 and 8/19. The boys went undefeated in their championship run, conceding only 2 goals while scoring an impressive 27 goals through a total of 4 games. The boys have only been playing as a club team since May and have shown great teamwork, companionship and drive, led by their coach Bryan Monka.

Finalists - Xtreme cup in Huntington Beach

Team Information


Days - Tuesday/ Thursday
Time - 4:30- 6:00 pm
Location - Valle Lindo Park


2012 Champions
Coast Soccer League Cup

2012 Champions
Simi Valley Labor Day Cup

2012 Champions
Santa Barbara Summer Cup

2012 Finalists
Xtreme Cup

2012 Finalists
Eagles Summer Classic