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The Camarillo Eagles Soccer Club was formed back in 1978. The original founders of the team, Lee White, Russ Pinto, Jim Freeland, and Ed Eysenring all got their start in A.Y.S.O. but were interested in expanding the competion arena to a higher level.


1978 Daily News Eagles article


1978 Camarillo Eagles Team Pic


Pictured left to right to were:

Bottom row - Simon Birmingham, Jeff Freeland, Kester Peters, Brian Reinhart, Scott Eastman, Mike Oliver, Mike Durham

Top row - Mike Caputo, Jim Freeland (Coach), Steve Pinto, Steve Cecil, John Alfino, Ken White, Tim Vandersande, Tim Habeck, Russ Pinto (coach/dad), Steve Hency, and Lee White ( coach).


Eagles News Clip


Eagles News Clip 1980


The first teams performed very well including El Camino Real Champions in 1978 & 80. In 1979, the Eagles 1 expanded by adding Eagles 2 and 3. By 1980 there were at 5 Eagle teams.


The orginal Eagle 1 nucleus played into high school together where they won the CIF State Southern Section in 1983.


Eagles Boys U19 1983 Team Pic

Top: Johnny Alfino, Scott Nasland, Steve Pinto

Middle: Mitch Ogg, Harry Baumstark, Adam Manzer, Jeff Freeland, Mike Murray, Kester Peters

Bottom: Scott Eastman, Peter Murray, Coach Barry Warren, Ken White, Bill McGee, Bill McKenna

Many thanks to Steve Pinto for sharing the history of the Camarillo Eagles Soccer Club!


Camarillo Eagles 1979-1980 Team Picture

1979 -1980 Eagles BU15

Top: Assistant Coach Mitch Richardson, Mike Oliver, Mitch Ogg, Matt Welch, ?, Bryan Paulson, Tom Lamier, Coach Bill McGee
Middle: Shawn Arstein, Grady Runyan, Mike Hertinstein, ?, Johnny Garcia, Jeff Freeland
Bottom: Todd Anderson, Doug Richardson, Steve Freeland, Donny Scholl, Danny Eastman


Camarillo Eagles BU16 1980 - 1981


Eagles BU16 1980 - 1981


Top: Assistant Coach Tom Welch, Mitch Ogg, Bryan Paulson, Peter Murray, Matt Welch, Mike Oliver, Coach Billy McGee
Middle: Mike Hertinstein, ? ?, Blayne Wingle (Goalie), Jeff Freeland, Grady Runyan, Bill McGee Jr.
Bottom: Johnny Garcia, Shawn Arstein



Camarillo Eagles Boys 1983

Top Photo Dated - 1/9/83. Bottom Photo Dated - 3/12/83.

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