Superbowl Fundraiser 2013

This is a great fundraiser for your individual players and for our team. This is a joint fundraiser between the teams and the club.

POOL Particulars & How it Works:
• $10 Tax Deductible Donation per Square
• The pay-out will be $150 per quarter for Buyers of each Square, $100 to the square winner, $25 to the Player who sold that Square, and $25 to your Team Account.
• Each Team will sell Squares through Friday February 1, 2013
• Friday before the Super Bowl, the club will hold a drawing for all sheets and the sheets of all participants will be listed by age group on the Eagles website.
• The score at the end of each Quarter will determine the winner (For example if the score at the end of the 1st Quarter is Team ‘X’ 10 v. Team ‘Y’ 6, the person who has ‘0 – Team X’ and ‘6 -Team Y’ wins the Quarter). You will pick four winners during the game.
• All Winners should receive payment no later than Monday February 11, 2013. You will either need to mail or hand-deliver winnings.

Download the template and sell the squares - this is all you need for the fundraiser!

Use this link to pay for your squares via Paypal -

For all younger teams this should be easy to fill while out at state cup this weekend!

If you have questions please let me know.

Frank Marino
Director of Fundraising
Eagles SC
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