Come hear Super Bowl Champ and Fusion Odyssey’s Chris Thomas speak on his journey and what he knows that you don’t know (exclusively for the Camarillo Eagles program).

When: Feb 23, 2017 @ 6:00pm
Where: Freedom Center - Freedom Park
Please RSVP through Kathleen Kelly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Chris Thomas spent 8 years playing in the NFL and has since created one of the most dynamic, and transformative environments anywhere across the country for wide receivers, tight ends and quarterbacks. He has in the past year begun working with athletes in the baseball world, and most recently in the soccer world and the transformation of these athletes have been equally amazing as in the football world. What he knows about performance transformation, you may never hear during your time playing. This is an incredible opportunity to hear his story, and what he knows about taking your game to a completely different level. Parents need to hear what he knows about performance and success as well. His understanding on finding “Purpose in your Pursuits”, as well as his approach to helping young people Discovery how to awaken that purposeful spirit is extraordinary. Chris has an amazing ability to connect with people and inspire them to consider fulfilling their own potential. Here is a video link from his football program:

Whether speaking for 1200 people at a Success Retreat, the Cal Poly SLO Alumni at his Hall of Fame induction, The United Way, TedX Talk, Baccalaureate and many more, Chris has been a highly sought after speaker. His story is authentic, and one of inspiration and perseverance. The most inspiring element of his story is as he says “he’s just like you!” “We are the masters of our own experience” is his mantra and his message will feed your desire to change your life experience. He’s been referred to as “the most inspiring speaker I have ever heard.” The obstacles he overcame time and again should inspire anyone to Dare to be Extraordinary in life....and in sports. As amazing as his NFL experience was, perhaps more remarkable is what he has been able to do helping young people attain a level of success they never imagined existed.

Vince Thomas – Camarillo Eagles Coach: “Last time I heard Chris speak at the YMCA in October, he said something that really stayed with me, and that was that "there isn't an athlete that doesn't want to be great". As a coach myself I absolutely believe this to be true. The issue is that most athletes don't know how to tap into their own greatness that is already inside of them. Chris, thru his life experiences as a former NFL football player, and as a coach that is transforming average athletes into top performers in their sport, will share with you the secrets to unlocking your own greatness so that you can elevate your performance to a level you never knew existed. When you are done listening to him I have no doubt you will have a clear understanding of what you need to focus on in your preparation for you sport and also how to apply this knowledge to dominate any opponent in any situation. Chris's program will change the way you perform, and his athletes are proof that you when you apply what he teaches you, there are no limits to what is possible on the field and in life”

Jack Craig – Camarillo Eagles Coach: “The first time I had the opportunity to hear Chris speak about his mentorship of athletes was October, 2016. As a competitive girls club soccer coach of 19 years it peaked my interest enough to cancel practice and bring both my teams to hear Chris speak, and we weren't disappointed. His opening statements regarding how the mental aspect of the game is the key to unlocking the player's true potential translating to exceptional performance was amazing to hear. Often as coaches and athletes we believe that repetition, more practice and then more repetition will be enough to get us to the next level but many times that isn't the case. Player's fall short without the answers to why or what to do next. This is where Chris excels by tapping into an athletes’ mental state that once unlocked will propel them to a personal success that they didn't know existed. There was an excitement amongst my players and a buzz after listening to Chris speak that brought an enthusiasm that they waited in line to give Chris their contact information. I left the room knowing it was a great coaching decision by canceling practice, and I learned key things that will help me be a better coach/ mentor. This can be a life changing event for an athlete or coach on and off the field. Highly Recommended!” cal south coast soccer Eagles On Facebook Eagles On Twitter